Team building is getting more and more appreciated by companies. There are countless examples but based on our own experience we can say that we organize these kind of events more frequently not only in Warszawa but in Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk or Wrocław as well. Creating team building events we are driven not only by the urge of having fun but especially by solid knowledge about creating effectively working teams.

Different suggestions of games and simulations are created on the basis of this information.

There is no need to go to the Alps or to go sailing regatta on the Mediterranean to organize an interesting team building event. Any team building in Warszawa can be organized effectively and … interestingly as well! In this case the main thing is to have an idea. How about effectiveness? We take care about it through a very thorough preparation to a target which was set for us. Ideas for our team building activities, games and simulations are based on knowledge which we obtain from the best, because theory must go hand in hand with practice.

What are the basic features of ideal team of employees:

1. Communication on a very high level – all scenarios created by us are centered around communication challenge.

2. Approach to a goal – regardless of wether a team is big or small, temporary or permanent it should focus on achieving a clear, exact and notable goal. A team should understand it and support it.

3. An effective team leader – a team leader is a person who joins a team around one common issue. An effective leader engages team members in making decisions, respects individual differences, gives chances to everybody to have a creative and individual input. Our games and simulations allow to enhance leader’s efficiency.

4. Team members’ specialization – an ideal team consists of many different personalities and roles. It is not about being a superman. Everybody has to do their part well.

5. Creativity – every member should have a possibility of expressing their ideas, in precise and specific time for example during a brain storming session. This way everybody can come up with solutions to existing problems.Team building in Warsaw Poland

Team building in Warsaw Poland

Organizing team building projects in Warszawa we spare no effort so every element of the scenario will accomplish mentioned above assumptions.

According to Mereditha Belbin who is an author of a theory of roles, a perfect team consists of a number of various personalities. The power of any team develops thanks to a combination of all types of personalities and roles.

A perfect team according to Belbin makes up of: a creative person who creates ideas (so-called: Creator), an extrovert who has got a good relationship (Resource Searcher), a dynamic person, who deal with pressure very well (Engine), a person who thoroughly analyses usefulness of an idea (Evaluator), a person eager to cooperate (Team Spirit), a person who changes ideas into precise solutions (Implementator), a person needed to finish a project (Perfectionist), a person who supervises team’s work progress (Coordinator).

We have organized team building in Warszawa for many years. We integrate young teams but we also tighten relationship of those who have worked together for years.

We know many ideas for team building in the city – culinary team building, team building with training elements or adventure team building. In our opinion every effective team building is first of all wise team building.

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    Comprehensive preparation of the biggest conferences in the country


    Means sporting-recreational projects and initiatives

Power it is a resident of willingness and enthusiasm with professional knowledge, perfect organization and attention to the smallest details. Due to a combination of creativity with ability to detailed planning of events and trips for companies we are a reliable partner for our Customers. We gained trust of many companies which regularly use our services.

POWER Agency is a professional organizer of events and trips for companies and institutions.

We are a prizewinner of many awards: Solidna Firma, Platynowy Certyfikat Polish Product, Firma Roku, MP Power Awards 2012, medal of Meeting Planner in category Event/Service of the year, Polskiego Internetu in category "Entertainment and i Recreation" and certificate of „Wiarygodna Firma”

The beginnings of the Agency started in 1997, when we started organizing skiing trips. We gradually started expanding our offer so finally we became one of the most recognized agencies in Poland. We have been developing since then, every day we get new experience.

We belong to:logo 250x70 sbelogo 250x70 soitlogo 250x70 sitelogo 250x70 skkp

Power Liabinilty Limited Company has got an entry to the registration of organizers and touristagents in Mazovian province no 1279.

There are some of the compnaies which trusted our creativity: Coca-Cola HBC Polska, Polkomtel, Polsat Cyfrowy, Grupa Polsat, UEFA, Avon, IKEA, Chiessi, Adamed, Strabag, Tech-Data, Tech-Pomp, TravelPort, Bosch, Honda, Pol-Mot, Diageo, Play, Nestle, AXN, Canal+, Ariston, Volkswagen Leasing Polska, Unilever, Shell, Telekomunikacja Polska, Quintiles, Smith and Nephew, Kerel, Teleroute, Wavin, SCA Hygiene Products, Honda Matraszek, Groupon, Tork, Strabag, Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych, Bre Bank, Simens, PZU, Kredyt Bank, MultiRadio, Britenet, TravelPort, SafeLaw, AXN, Citrix, BlueSoft, Dr Gerard, Expo Arena, Mice Poland, G&GStudio, IBE, Raben.

All our employees are sport enthusiasts and actively spend their time. In our ranks there are basketball, hockey, diving, skiing, snowboarding, kitesurfing, sailing, canoeing, trekking, dancing, football, jogging, rafting and squash lovers. We also have team members who are fascinated by dogs and ecology.

We as a company eagerly take part in sporting activities such as: Bieg Rzeźnika, Ekiden, Warsaw Busiines Run, Projekt Zobaczyć Morze.

Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka, Managing Director of our agency, she is a Vice President of Event Industry Association. She is very active as a member of Association of Incentive Travel Organizers /SOIT/, Polish Conference and Congress Association /SKKP/ and international organization which associates more than 2000 companies from all over the world site Global /Society for Incentive Travel Excellence/.

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